About Us

West Coast Gadgets launched in 2019, on Vancouver Island, one of Canada’s most scenic gems. The concept of offering quality gadgets for outdoors people has developed over many years and is now a reality.
I am Daylin Cooper—nature lover, hiker, camper, photographer, videographer, and all around “tech guy”.  As a child I was privileged to live in many different countries of the world and was intrigued by wildlife and fantastic scenery on different continents.  I have been on several world-renowned hikes such as Mount Roraima in Venezuela, the Gibbon experience in Laos, and the West Coast Trail in British Columbia. As a hiker I am intrigued by the blend of technology with top notch gear to enhance today ‘s outdoor experience. Solar powered devices ensure that even in remote areas, your favorite music is still with you. You can photograph a dark sky full of stars, video wildlife, and access cell service. That’s built-in safety and enjoyment!
The carefully selected products offered by West Coast Gadgets are unique, compact and practical. We know exactly what is essential on the trail and it is our passion to provide those quality items at reasonable cost.  Our goal is to “lure” more people to get out into the great outdoors, so they can absorb the tranquility and nurturing of our environment.